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Philips Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Philips Genie energy-saving light bulbs and Tornado spiral energy-saving light bulbs.

BSL Electrical stores in Inanam, Putatan, Kepayan and Sadong Jaya supplies energy-saving light bulbs from leading brands and light products for homes and offices. Lighting products include fixtures such as LED downlights, recessed downlights and other light fixtures.
Philips Tornado energy-saving bulbs
Philips Genie energy saving light bulbs

Recessed Square and Round LED Downlights

Standard size of 4 inches & 6 inches Series Recessed Square LED Downlights for your home, office, dining and living areas. Also available are Recessed Round LED Downlight.

Recessed LED Downlight Square
Recessed LED Downlight Round

Surface Vertical Downlights

3000 Series - Surface Vertical Downlights

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