1. The torch is for use with MAPP or PROPANE gas
  2. Keep cylinders upright when in use
  3. The output of gas will be reduced until the torch is closed when the adjusting screw of regulator is turned clockwise (moving upward); And the output of gas will be increased until it reaches maximum when the adjusting screw is turned counter clockwise (moving downward)
  4. The torch and cylinders must NOT be used at a closed space
  5. Keep the hose away from fire, hot or sharp parts
  6. Low flame setting will result in overheating


Operating Procedure
Connecting the torch 
  1. Confirm first the torch is suitable for use with the gas and pressure
  2. The thread of the torch that is used to connect the cylinder meets CGA600
  3. Use hand to connect the torch to the cylinder properly by screwing it on the cylinder
  4. Make sure there is no leakage of the connection between the torch and the cylinder and no leakage of the torch by using proper leakage testing ways mentioned below
Igniting the torch
  1.  Turn the adjusting screw counter clockwise, at the same time, push the igniting trigger until the torch is ignited
  2. Adjust the adjusting screw until the flame meets your requirement
Turning off the torch
  1. Turn the adjusting screw clockwise until the flame goes off and the torch is fully turned off
After Usage
  1. After usage. turn OFF the torch, turn the adjusting screw to the close position, disconnect the torch from the cylinder, and put the cylinder at a place in open air where children could not reach
  2. For more information on the use of cylinders, please refer to the cylinder manual


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