Joven Storage Water Heater JSV25



Tank Capacity
25 Litres (5.5 Imp. Gallons)

Dimensions (W * H * L)
372 x 522 x 393 mm

Approx. Weight
Empty : 12 kg ; Full : 37 kg




Joven Water Heater JSV25

Joven Water Heater JSV25 is a 25 litres capacity energy-saving vertical water heater, made from stainless steel for rust free water. It comes with an adjustable thermostat and thermometer which indicates the hot water in the heater tank.

Innovative Features

  • Centralised Multi-Point System With Enhanced Dry-Burn Protection
  • For 1 Sink or 1 Normal Shower
  • Capacity 25L ; 5.5 Imp. Gallons
  • Power rating 3.0kw; 240V
  • Hot water up to 70°C
  • Adjustable Temperature Control Knob (Low, Med & High)
  • High quality incoloy heating element
  • SUS304 Stainless Steel Tank
  • High Density CFC-Free Polyurethane Insulation Foam for durability and stellar performance



  • Wall Bracket For Mounting
  • Expansion Bolts



  • Enhanced Dry-Burn Protection
  • Thermostat with thermal cut-off
  • Pressure relief and drain valve
  • Isolation barrier (for Malaysia only)


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