Panasonic DECO 60″ Ceiling Fan (F-M15BW)



Comfortable: Low Noise
Dimension: 1500mm (W) x 439mm (H)
Colour: White




The Regulator Ceiling Fan provides you with maximum airflow with an amazing level of quietness.

  • 5-speed Electronic Regulator
  • Low Noise
  • Wider Sweeping Blades
  • Enhanced Safety Features
  • Durable technologically Advanced Motor



Reliable – Multi-Level Safety Protection

Thermal Safety Fuse 
Against fire hazard, prevents electric shocks and protects motor from current surge.

Current Fuse
Prevent current leakage or abnormal current.

Safety wire
Safety wire secures the fan motor to the ceiling hook to prevent detachment of the fan motor from rod.

Cut-off Safety Switch 
Cut off power supply while detecting dangerous wear and tear of the shaft or bolt.

Blade Safety Plate
A fall prevention plate is installed on the blade to prevent fan blade to detach and dropping from the ceiling in case it damages.